Sadaie Ayuko Korenaga Maki Takano Junko Kosuke Kanbayashi Rina Matsudaira Momoko Mori Yukihiro Yoshida

Kyoto Art Fair 2014 -I meet beautifully

@Miyako Messe (Kyoto Shokyoikan) 1F Exhibition Room 26. Gallery access booth

2014/06/27(Fri) - 2014/06/29(Sun)


This time, with Kyoto City University of Arts Kawashima Laboratory and Koike Laboratory
Cooperation with gallery access, a young Japanese painter
We will hold a group exhibition for the purpose of excavation and market development
have become. In addition, related events will be held with this exhibition.

Date: Exhibition period: 6/27 Friday, 28 Sat, 29 Sunday, last day 17:00
Event: Simultaneously held
Society of Japanese painting on painting theory 6/27 Friday, 14: 00-

Based on textbooks and paintings, we will explore the meaning of sketching by talking about the changes to the present and the individual variations with teachers, students, and graduates.

A city with a long history and tradition. Three days to meet art unique to Kyoto.
We will hold an attractive art fair that collects tea utensils, old art, and modern art.