for the community
& art culture


The gallery handles a wide range of contemporary and modern art, and continues to create new art and culture as an access point for artists, the community, and collectors.

We deal in a wide range of contemporary and modern art.We would like to provide a cultural venue that is not merely a conduit between artists and collectors, but also a place to increase the number of people who understand them through exhibitions.In particular, we would like to grow together with up-and-coming artists whom we recommend, and we would like to deliver high-quality works of art to customers who will carefully collect them.We also purchase high value works of art in order to preserve and pass them on to future generations. Please feel free to contact us.


Company Name
Gallery ACCESS Ltd.
Nobuhiro Hayakawa
Head office address
F3, Art Center Bldg. 2-28-18 Kuzuha-Namiki, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
Contact information
TEL. 81-72-851-8055
FAX. 81-72-855-0820
3,000,000 yen
October 1997
Handling items
contemporary art, Japanese paintings, Western-style paintings, prints, hanging scrolls, etc.
Business Description
・Purchase and sales of art works
・Wholesale sales to department stores
・Exhibition planning.
・Member of Kyoto Art Dealers Mutual Association
・Member of Cooperative art merchant association party
Secondhand dealer license
Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission 
No. 622262205551, Art Dealer
Special International Species Business Operator
No. 03375